This probably would have worked much better 20 years ago. Here's 'Crappy News' for Friday, November 3rd...

Warren, OH- Police are looking for a man who pulled a gun at a McDonald's drive-thru.

McDonald's does serve "all day" breakfast, but not every item is available. These dudes didn't get that memo.

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Two guys rolled up around 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday and ordered a steak bagel. But an employee told them they couldn't serve those until breakfast started a few hours later.

They were so angry that they drove up to the window and one of the suspects pointed a gun at the employee. She told police the driver called her a vulgar name after pulling out the gun and then cursed at her again before driving away.

Cops are still trying to track them down. [FOX 8 - Cleveland]

EVERYTHING at McDonald's tastes good at 3:00 a.m. Why so upset?

Salzburg, Austria- The city council is making it safer for people to not pay attention to where they're going.

Using Smart Phone

Residents are so distracted by their mobile phones that officials are placing airbags around lampposts.

Pedestrians in Salzburg are involved in more traffic accidents than bikers and drivers, and approximately 40% of pedestrians were hurt because they were distracted at the time of the injury.

The city council believes that putting airbags on the lampposts is a very public way of reminding people to be more careful when using their smartphones and walking around town. [Express]

Or...they aren't as worried about being distracted because now they have cushioning.

St. Petersburg, FL- A hooker offered to "service" an undercover cop...and had an unusual asking price.

Off Court At The Australian Open 2007
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51-year-old Karen Robinson was busted last Wednesday night after approaching the undercover officer in his vehicle. Robinson "negotiated" to perform oral favors in exchange for $5...and a Beanie Baby.

It's unsure if Robinson thought he already had the Beanie Baby or if he was supposed to buy one after the--ahem--transaction was finished.

She was arrested one one count of prostitution. [The Smoking Gun]

It sucks that anyone has to resort to this, but shouldn't your self-worth be a LITTLE bit higher? A Beanie Baby? Is this 1997? I mean, why not hold out for a Furby, too?

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