I still have fond memories of high school--hanging out with my friends in my basement, playing video games, watching pro wrestling, and thinking I was a total badass because my dad let us drink Bacardi Raz & Smirnoff Ice (as long as we didn't tell anybody, of course).

I went on the Q92.3 Facebook page and asked what your drink of choice was the first time you got drunk. Beer? Liquor? Four Loko? MD 20/20? The responses were VERY entertaining.

Kari said "Sun Country in a 2 L." First of all, I didn't even know what Sun Country was. Second of all, any kind of booze that comes in a two-liter bottle is something you should probably steer clear of.

Courtney Jo wrote "Crown Regal Royal Apple and Busch Light," which just sounds like a horrid combination. But not as bad as Beth, who claims her first drunken experience was from "spiced rum mixed in a slushie." In her own words, "not a good idea."

Here's what others had to say:

Hopefully our tastes have matured as we've grown older. Got anything to share? Comment below or reply on our Q Facebook page!

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