This is what happens when bad karma meets bad luck. This is 'Crappy News' for Monday, August 21st.

Dayton, OH- Police were called following a a funeral home.

funeral home parking sign

Several family members were involved in an altercation during a visitation last Monday. A woman showed up at the wake claiming to be the deceased's girlfriend...which didn't sit well with his WIFE.

The two started arguing before getting into a physical fight DURING THE VIEWING. Another family member pepper-sprayed the women before breaking up the brawl. Police came but no arrests were made. [WHIO-TV]

Two issues here: Show some respect for the dead...and who brings mace to a funeral??

Oswego, NY- A landlord is being sued by six former female tenants.


The women claim that Douglas Waterbury offered them lower rent and maintenance work on their apartments in exchange for sex. Three of the tenants actually DID IT, but all six are sill suing for sexual harassment.

In addition to the apartment buildings, Waterbury also owns an amusement park called Santa's Workshop...which totally ISN'T creepy at all. The police and the Fair Housing Department are still investigating. []

Better not sit on that guy's lap...

Waverly, IA- Two people suspected of stealing a car accidentally asked cops for a lift.


Police found a vehicle that had been reported stolen from a dealership last Monday. Officers were heading back to the station in an unmarked patrol car when they saw two hitchhikers trying to flag them down.

The officers recognized Daryl Shea & Kole Brodigan as the suspects who took the stolen car. Police noticed Shea was wearing a t-shirt with the dealership's name on it. Shea & Brodigan were also in possession of the stolen keys.

According to police, the suspects ran out of gas and ditched the car. Shea & Brodigan have been charged with theft. [KWWL]

If you know these folks, I'm sorry. Don't get mad at me. I didn't steal a car and forget to put gas in it.

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