Being a successful wedding crasher requires a certain level of skill...which this lady CLEARLY didn't have. This is 'Crappy News' for Thursday, 10/26/17.

Shaler Township, PA- Police are investigating a series of bizarre car break-ins.


Twelve people reported damage to their cars Tuesday morning. Many of the vehicles were ransacked but nothing was taken, though one car did have its tires slashed.

One vehicle owner reported that the thieves had left some items behind, including a water bottle, Gatorade bottle...and a Nintendo 64 system.

Authorities are still searching for the suspects...who either have no idea what an N64 is or yearn for the good old days of 1997. [WTAE-TV]

I hope these guys would break into MY car. I could really go for some Mario Kart...

Yarmouth, MA- A burglar was scared someone most of us would never want to see.

cool grandma

28-year-old Joseph Parent broke into a home Monday night. As he went through stuff in the house he was startled when he saw the owner in the dining room completely naked. Oh, and she's 91.

Patricia Mulkeen woke up when her dog started barking, so she grabbed a flashlight and went downstairs to investigate. Mulkeen told police that Parent simply said "Sorry, ma'am," and left the house empty-handed. He was later arrested for breaking and entering. [WHDH-TV]

To be fair, I'd be about done after that, too. Seeing should be punishment enough.

Palm Coast, FL- A young woman spied on her boyfriend at a wedding...and wound up fighting with the bridal party.

Shelby McDowell (Photo: Flagler County Police Dept.)
Shelby McDowell (Photo: Flagler County Police Dept.)

20-year-old Shelby McDowell was arrested last Saturday after sneaking into a wedding. McDowell (obviously) wasn't invited, but her boyfriend, Darby Johns, was.

McDowell told police she received a call from a friend that Johns was getting close with another woman and says she drove to the wedding to confirm her suspicions. She spotted Johns kissing the other girl and threw a drink on both of them before running into a bathroom. McDowell claims that several bridesmaids pulled her out of the stall by her feet and began to punch her.

McDowell was arrested for battery, and she apologized to the bride and groom for things getting out of control. []

Chances are, she'll be more subtle if she tries this again. Or just get a new boyfriend.

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