Reminder: it's always better to have a plan. This is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, February 7th.

Hartford, CT- An inmate escaped from prison, then got caught after eating at Burger King.

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25-year-old Jerry Mercado managed to break out of the Robinson Correctional Institution on January 7th. Video footage showed that he escaped through an unlocked door of his dorm unit and scaled a fence to the roof. Mercado was also seen on video walking down a road and entering a Burger King. A stranger bought Mercado lunch and allowed him to use a cell phone to call his mother.

Mercado told his mom that he'd been released from jail and needed a ride.

His mother called the police station a few hours later to report her son after seeing news of his escape on TV. Marshals caught Mercado ten days later in Georgia and brought him back to Connecticut for sentencing.

Five corrections employees were placed on administrative leave following the escape. [NBC Connecticut]

Clackamas, OR- A man reported his family as terrorists...because he wasn't invited to a wedding.

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38-year-old Sonny Smith got upset after finding out that his brother and father had been invited to a family wedding and he hadn't. To get even, Smith called the airports they were flying out of...and claimed that his relatives were terrorists.

Smith's father and brother were detained and interviewed, which led to Sonny's brother missing his flight. Smith faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a $250,000 fine for reporting a false threat. [The Oregonian]

I can't imagine why this guy's family wouldn't want him around.

Columbia County, FL- A bank robber left his ID inside the bank.

Emergency lights at night

41-year-old Donald Towns walked out with $1,200 in cash on Monday morning after appearing to show a concealed firearm to bank employees and threatening to kill them if they called police.

Here's where things get sideways.

Towns initially told the manager he wanted to open a bank account, and provided a drivers' license to the manager. Towns had also given the bank manager a note that stated that he had a gun. Police later discovered the note was written on the back of a medical discharge note, which had Towns' name on it.

Towns was arrested less than 40 minutes after the robbery. [CBS 47 - Jacksonville]

This is why you ALWAYS have an accomplice. Or a spare piece of paper.

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