Talk about being full of it! This is "Crappy News" for Monday, June 25th, 2018.

Paisley, Scotland- Police were able to track down a smelly suspect.

Real People: Headshot Caucasian Young Adult Woman Holding Nose Odor

35-year-old Barry O'Pray broke into an apartment earlier this year, stealing a PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch console, and a bunch of video games worth about $1,300.

The owner, Ryan Boyd, realized he'd been robbed and also noticed an awful smell in his house, which he believed to be that of horrible body odor.

But Boyd had smelled it before...earlier that morning, when he walked past O'Pray sitting on a bench near his apartment. Boyd passed the details along to the cops, and they were able to track down O'Pray and arrest him for burglary. [Scottish Sun]

Hopefully he's sentenced to a very long shower.

Valparaiso, IN- A woman claims she was arrested unfairly after leaving a nail salon.


28-year-old Charley Fowler went to a nail salon for a manicure last week. Employees say Fowler was dissatisfied with the work and turned down an offer to have her nails redone because she was too busy to stay.

Fowler left the salon without paying and began backing out of the parking lot. Employees followed her outside, with one of them chasing after Fowler's car. Security video shows Fowler dragging that employee across the parking lot after he'd jumped on her vehicle.

Fowler was arrested on misdemeanor charges of theft and criminal recklessness. Her attorney is disputing the charges. [Northwest Indiana Times]

Australia- This guy really was full of crap.

A 53-year-old man checked into the hospital complaining of nausea and intense stomach pains...and he'd lost all feeling in his right leg.

It turns out that he just really--REALLY--needed to poop.

A rectal exam found that the patient had a massive fecal compaction, and the backup had distended his colon to the point that it put pressure on an artery in his leg, cutting off the blood flow.

Doctors performed emergency surgery and removed approximately four-and-a-half pounds of compacted feces. It took the man 17 days before he could walk again, but he was able to make a full recovery. [IFL Science]

Somebody get that guy some prune juice.

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