She did NOT go down in a blaze of glory. This is 'Crappy News' for Thursday, 2/22/18.

El Dorado Hills, CA- Police are looking for a suspect who stole packages from outside someone's house.


Doorbell camera video shows a woman taking several boxes from the porch, then walking back to a car and driving away.

The suspect is a blonde woman who was seen wearing a dark, long-sleeved jacket and black high-tops or boots. But maybe the *most* distinguishing feature is what she wasn't wearing...a shirt. Just a jacket and bra on top, that's it.

Police posted the security footage on Facebook in hopes of tracking her down. [CBS Sacramento]

Maybe it was laundry day?

Providence, RI- A bride got stuck in an elevator on the way to her wedding reception.

Father dancing with bride
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Melissa Rodger said she and two wedding planners were on their way up to the 18th floor of a hotel for cocktail hour when the elevator abruptly stopped. Firefighters pried open the elevator doors and the new Mrs. Rodger was able to crawl out safely.

Her husband didn't even know she was stuck until a bridesmaid told him during the party. The couple took the incident in stride, and the reception went smoothly after that. [WLNE-TV]

And now, from the joys of starting a marriage to the frustration of ending one...

Hiram, GA- A woman really didn't handle news of her divorce well.


41-year-old Adrienne Satterly found out she was losing her home to her ex. So early Sunday morning Satterly stacked a pile of mattresses in the kitchen...and lit them on fire. She removed her two cats from the house, walked to Walmart an called 911.

Unfortunately, the fire spread and hit 19 other homes. Firefighters say four of the residences were destroyed and 16 others suffered smoke and heat damage.

She now faces 14 counts of first-degree arson and three counts of aggravated animal cruelty. Each arson charge is worth up to TWENTY years in jail. [WSB-TV]

There's no right way to react to losing your stuff in a divorce...but there's definitely a wrong way. And this is it.

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