Wow. The holidays are going to be pretty awkward. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, June 22nd, 2018.

Sundsvall, Sweden- Locals have been told to keep their doors and windows shut...because of giant rats.

Severe Rains Cause Flooding And Threaten Harvests
Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Residents have described seeing rodents "as big as cats" standing on their hind legs and hissing at people. The rat problem was reportedly caused by the relocation of a recycling center, and has even forced a local school to stop sending kids outside for recess.

The town council has launched an extermination campaign using snap traps, and if that doesn't solve the issue...the rats face guillotine traps and electric shocks. [Daily Mail]

Paducah, KY- A guy was busted putting a toothbrush somewhere it DEFINITELY didn't belong.

Two toothbrushes in the glass.
Alexey Bykov - Thinkstock

36-year-old Justin Stamper was in court Wednesday after details of a shocking video came to light.

A man received a cell phone video that allegedly shows Stamper in the victim's bathroom, performing a lewd act with the man's toothbrush, then returning it to its proper place.

Stamper was charged with burglary and wanton endangerment, plus harassing communications. He had been out on bond for drug and gun charges. [KFVS-TVWest Kentucky Star]

Would that make it a number two-th brush? I'll see myself out...

Panama City Beach, FL- A woman was arrested after attempting a drive-by shooting on her son.


66-year-old Priscilla Ann Ethridge shares a home with her 46-year-old son, and they got into a heated argument Saturday night. According to police, Ethridge believed her son had taken her cell phone before leaving on his bicycle.

Ethridge armed herself with a .22 caliber pistol, got in her car and caught up to him. She fired one shot from the gun, which missed.

Priscilla has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. Making matters worse, police eventually found her phone. It was at her home the whole time. [Gainesville Sun]

At least Thanksgiving will be interesting.

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