If only ALL beauty contests were this exciting. Here's "Crappy News" for Monday, November 11th.

San Antonio, TX- This dude won't have to bother putting in his two weeks notice.

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19-year-old David Gomez-Beltran reported to his shift at a McDonald's last week...and his manager sent him home for being late.

Instead of going home, David he went to a different McDonald's about five miles away . . . and ROBBED the place. He held an employee at gunpoint and got away with approximately $1,500.

Officers tracked Gomez-Beltran to an apartment complex, where he fled in a vehicle driven by his twin brother, Rey. During the chase, the car struck two other vehicles.

David was charged with aggravated robbery. Rey was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading arrest with a motor vehicle and assault causing bodily injury. [My San Antonio]

Shoshone, ID- Officers rounded up a troublesome turkey.


The Shoshone Police Department said in a Facebook post that a loose turkey was "terrorizing the neighborhood."

Authorities encouraged anyone missing a turkey to call them and follow some specific instructions: "You must say 'gobble gobble' when they answer the phone... or you can message us directly on our Facebook page. In which case you'll have to do an embarrassing dance to get your bird back." [UPI]

I have a feeling that bird WON'T be having a happy Thanksgiving...

Brazil- A butt competition ended in a brawl.


31-year-old Ellen Santana was declared the winner of the Miss BumBum pageant, held annually to decide the best booty in Brazil.

27-year-old Aline Uva thought she should have won, so she ripped off the sash given to Santana and put it on herself (you can check out the video HERE).

Uva accused Santana of having surgically enhanced buttocks, saying she "fulfilled all the rules of the game, my butt is real, her butt is plastic ... Miss BumBum is a farce."

Organizers were forced to intervene and break up the scuffle. The sash was returned to Santana. [New York Post]

No fillers here, guys. I'm all natural.

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