They'll really put ANYTHING in beer these days. This is "Crappy News" for Wednesday, August 8th, 2018.

Laclede County, MO- A newspaper has apologized for an unfortunate typo.

News. Media concept. Laptop, tablet pc, phone and newspaper.

A committee paid for a campaign ad in support of Al Samons for county commissioner.

Part of the ad was supposed to "I believe in taking care of those who work for you, as loyal employees are your biggest assets." But the newspaper accidentally missed a letter, so it actually read "local employees are your biggest ASSES."

The Laclede County Record issued a long apology on Facebook on Saturday but blamed it on the fact that writing "asses" instead of "assets" is, quote, "an error spell check won't catch." The paper's editor said the goof wasn't political, simply an "unfortunate" mistake. [Kansas City Star]

You have people that are literally paid to catch things like this. No wonder people have a hard time trusting the media...

Summerville, SC- Police were involved in a VERY low-speed chase.

Electric Scooter

Authorities released dash camera footage involving a police officer stopping a man who drove off with a motorized shopping cart from Walmart. The suspect, Andrew Ranly, was driving the cart across an overpass on the Interstate when he was caught.

At one point, Ranly appears to ask the officer for a ride home in his patrol car. Police threatened him with grand larceny charges before taking him--and the motorized cart--to a nearby gas station.

The store's loss prevention officers declined to press charges. [WBTV]

Warsaw, Poland- A brewery is REALLY banking on the idea that sex sells.

As there's more and more craft beer out there brewers need to come up with creative ingredients and gimmicks to stand out...which leads to stuff like THIS.

Beer Tap

A new beer has been created by a brewery known as The Order of Yoni. "Yoni" is a Sanskrit word for vagina. Yes...vagina beer is now a thing.

Apparently, the recipe uses the vaginal lactic acid of "hot underwear models" during the brewing process. Promotions say that the beer allows you to picture the woman and "try how she tastes."

Each bottle cost about $6.28 and is labeled with the woman whose "essence" was used to make it. The brewery has assured that the ladies have been checked for diseases and infections prior to the batches being made. [Mirror]

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