This happened right by my house...and I missed it! This is "Crappy News" for Tuesday, February 5th, 2019.

Long Beach, CA- A police clerk was arrested after secretly recording more than 70 men.


28-year-old Sergio Nieto allegedly filmed the victims using a cellphone while he was in the bathroom with them. The Long Beach Police Department said part of Nieto's job included reviewing accidentally-recorded body cam footage.

69 victims were identified, while others chose not to be a part of the case. Investigators found 115 tapes in Nieto's possession--and he faces an invasion of privacy charge for EACH video. [CBS Los Angeles]

Yeah...he might need to update his resume soon...

Lehigh Acres, FL- A teenage girl got arrested after stealing a pizza delivery driver's car.

Pizza delivery person

14-year-old Josie Bigelow is accused of stealing a man's vehicle as he was completing a pizz delivery last Wednesday.

49-year-old Christopher Cook told police he saw a person come out from the woods, get into his car and drive through the front yard. A police chopper found the car about six miles away and Bigelow was taken into custody.

Bigelow's father said she stole the car in an attempt to visit her boyfriend, but she parked at the wrong house.

Cook's car was returned to him, and he gave the pizza to officers as a thank you gift.[WBBH-TV]

Cedar Rapids- A minor was busted for driving a stolen car.


Police received a report Sunday afternoon of a reckless driver on I-380 Northbound.

Officers made one attempt to stop the vehicle before the driver eventually pulled over at I-380 and 29th St. NE.

CRPD arrested a 16-year-old who was behind the wheel. Police ran the license plates of the vehicle, which had been reported stolen.

The investigation is ongoing. [CBS 2]

This was less than a mile from where I live. And I totally missed it. I blame it on the Super Bowl.

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