Seriously? What could POSSIBLY go wrong with this plan? This is "Crappy News" for Monday, March 12th.

Wichita, KS- A car dealer found dozens of bags of drugs hidden inside one of his vehicles.

Salesman and man at car dealership
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Aymen Halak purchased a used Nissan Altima at an auction for about $9,000 last week. The car seemed fine until a test drive, when he realized there was an issue with the gas tank. Halak went to replace the fuel pump when he found the drugs stashed inside.

26 pounds of crystal meth and one pound of heroin, to be precise. Officers estimated the street value of the drugs to be between $300,000 and $400,000. [KAKE-TV]

That must be part of the "premium" trim level.

Tampa, FL- A woman was seriously injured by an over-eager DRAG QUEEN.

53-year-old Neldin Molina was attending a friend's birthday party at a place called Hamburger Mary's back in 2015.

"RuPaul's Drag Race" Season Six Finale
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Hamburger Mary's is a chain of gay-themed burger joints. I'm not familiar...and obviously, this woman wasn't either.

There was a drag show that night, and Molina turned away from the stage. So one of the drag queens walked over and jammed Molina's head between her breasts. The female impersonator then started wiggling her breasts against Molina's face and head.

Molina says she wound up with chronic headaches, neck pain, and irreversible spinal damage. She just sued Hamburger Mary's for $1.5 MILLION for medical costs, and mental and physical pain. [Tampa Bay Times]

Miami, FL- A nightclub has been shut down after a woman rode a horse through a crowd of people.


Clubs often try outrageous things to make the experience seem more epic and memorable. But THIS was memorable for the wrong reasons.

Mokai Lounge had a female employee ride a horse ONTO the dance floor while wearing a bikini. The horse bucked the woman off before slowly walking through the crowd. Attendees at the event recorded the commotion and posted footage to social media.

The mayor of Miami says their stunt showed, quote, "insane stupidity and irresponsibility" and the club's business license has been REVOKED. The owners could also be looking at animal cruelty charges. [Huffington Post]

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