She's definitely NOT a terrorist. This is 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, 1/16/18.

Totnes, Devon, England- A butcher accidentally locked himself in a meat freezer.

70-year-old Christopher McCabe needed something from his walk-in freezer, which is located around the corner of his butcher shop. Wind blew the freezer door shut and McCabe became trapped inside. The emergency release button was frozen solid, so McCabe grabbed a blood sausage to try to break the ice.

He used the sausage as a battering ram and was finally able to activate the button after a few whacks. The temperature inside was around zero degrees, so McCabe could have frozen to death within 30 minutes. [Metro]

In case you were wondering, blood sausage--also known as black pudding--is made from pork blood, pork fat, and oatmeal. should probably only be used to help bust yourself out of a freezer.

Santa Ana, CA- A speeding car got lodged in the second floor of a building.

SUV crash in Costa Rica.

Police say the car struck a median Saturday night and was launched airborne before crashing into the building and getting stuck in a window.

Rescue officers weren't able to completely remove the vehicle until Sunday morning. The driver and passenger were treated at the hospital for minor injuries and the driver admitted to using narcotics before the crash. Authorities posted multiple tweets showing the accident. [KTLA]

Houston, TX- A college student's school spirit wound up getting her stuck at the airport.

Tim Warner/Getty Images
Tim Warner/Getty Images

19-year-old Diana Durkin was visiting a friend for the holidays and was at the airport ready to fly home. She's a student at Texas Tech University, and their fans do a "guns up" salute during sporting events (pictured). Well, Diana spotted someone wearing a Texas Tech sweatshirt and threw her hand-gun symbol up at him.

This got the attention of a TSA agent, who pulled her out of line and interrogated her. The agent asked Diana for her ID and said was being questioned for making a gun symbol in an airport. TSA let her off with a warning, and a tweet from Diana during the incident quickly went viral (even the Governor of Texas got involved). [BuzzFeed]

I'm sure she's happy that all she got was a bit of Internet fame.

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