This guy will think twice before listing his place on Airbnb. Here's 'Crappy News' for Monday, 1/15/18.

St. John, New Brunswick, Canada- A shoplifter almost got chewed by police...literally.

Steaks on the grill

Police responded to a theft call at a grocery store on Tuesday. Officers spotted a man in his mid-20s running away from the store carrying three packs of steaks.

Police sent out a service dog to track him down. A dog chasing a guy carrying can probably guess how THAT turned out. The cops even acknowledged that it was "probably not the best thing to be carrying when a determined police service dog is tracking you down."

The suspect was booked on theft charges. And he'll probably turn vegan after this. [CBC]

Contra Costa County, CA- A man was busted for driving in the carpool lane...with a Chucky doll.

Photo: California Highway Patrol
Photo: California Highway Patrol

I'm guessing this guy is a Raiders fan...otherwise this doesn't make much sense. The evil doll from the “Child’s Play” horror movie series was buckled into the front passenger seat of his car. The officer snapped a photo of the Chucky doll and posted it on Twitter.

California law states that a driver must have at least two passengers to use the carpool lane. The man received a $490 ticket. [Sacramento Bee]

So, serial killers reincarnated as dolls DON'T count as people. Good to know.

Seven Hills, OH- Officers from five different police departments were called to shut down a wild New Year's party.


The man rented a room through Airbnb for $40 a night. The 28-year-old homeowner told his guest couldn't have a party and there were temporary barriers to block certain rooms. However, the suspect advertised the "New Year's Banger" on Twitter and charged $5 a person.

The party was so chaotic that the homeowner locked himself in a bathroom and called 911. Police arrived and found 250 people crammed inside. The cops were outnumbered so they called for backup. And more backup. And more backup. And some more backup.

The man who threw the party, faces charges of disorderly conduct, furnishing alcohol to minors and criminal property damage. He's also been permanently banned from Airbnb. [FOX 8 - Cleveland]

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