Quick, what's the last thing you'd expect to see in a McDonald's during a lunch rush?

Well, the last thing beside the line moving quickly.

If you said a couple getting way too frisky, then you'd be wrong. Police say a couple had oral sex while in the dining room of a McDonald's in Shrewsbury, Pa. at one o'clock in the afternoon back in March. Wait -- one o'clock in the afternoon?! We've heard of an afternoon delight, but this is a little much. No one needs to see a man super sizing a woman while trying to chow down on a Filet-O-Fish (someone eats that, right?).

You know, at the very least the couple could've tried to be classy and  gone into a bathroom stall like a normal couple too poor to afford an hourly motel.

An employee caught the amorous couple and booted them out of the restaurant, no doubt freaked out by the fact the Mac wasn't the only big thing in the man's mouth. The man involved, 30-year-old Conrad Joseph Jablecki, is looking at charges for indecent exposure, open lewdness and disorderly conduct, while cops are currently on the hunt for the woman.

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