In today's headlines: Another crime is live-streamed on Facebook, a klepto gets 20 years for taking remote controls, and a naked man shaves on a train...

Miami, FL- Police are investigating a bank robbery that was streamed on Facebook Live.

A user posted three videos to Facebook around 5 p.m. Monday.

The first clip shows the man in a suit receiving what appears to be a pink envelope. The next two videos show two men inside a car, with one of them claiming the other has a bomb. Witnesses say the man in the suit got on top of the car and started handing out the money to strangers!

The FBI & the Department of Homeland Security are assisting with the Miami Police Department's investigation. [ABC]

Seriously...didn't we JUST talk about this last week?


Chicago, IL- A man has just been sentenced to more than 20 years in prison, for stealing a TV remote.

35-year-old Eric Bramwell stole the remote from an apartment complex in nearby Wheaton, dropping a glove on his way out. His DNA was a match in the state's database for convicted felons. Bramwell has a history of remote theft, allegedly committing the same crime in SIX different Chicago suburbs.

Last week, a judged sentenced him to 22 YEARS in prison for repeatedly "thumbing his nose at the law." [Chicago Tribune]

If you're gonna be a least steal something cool, like a car. Or a helicopter. Or Kim Kardashian's jewelry.

Germany- A 22-year-old guy took manscaping to a completely new level.

The man was caught shaving his hair DOWN THERE with a knife...while in the bathroom of a MOVING TRAIN!

The conductor noticed the passenger in the bathroom for a very long time and became worried, so she opened the door and spotted the man "as God had created him." She called police, who saw him--grooming--with a kitchen knife. Interestingly, he wasn't arrested for the act itself...but for being on the train without a ticket. [The Local]

It takes stones to do what this guy did, and he almost lost them in the process...

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