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A British guy turns being a fugitive into a children's book, a man calls police to complain about the weather, and a Florida bride picks the worst Maid of Honor of all-time...

North Yorkshire, UK- A suspect found a hilarious way to poke fun at police.

Police spent the weekend looking for 30-year-old J.J. McMenamin, after he missed a court date for alleged traffic violations. But despite using helicopters and K-9 units, they couldn't find him. So, McMenamin toyed with officers by posting photos and videos on Facebook dressed as Waldo from the "Where's Waldo?" books!

Eventually, McMenamin decided to stop kidding around and turned himself into police, but not before posting a Facebook Live video showing himself being driven to the police his full "Where's Waldo?" garb. [Huffington Post]

Hollywood HAS to turn this into a movie, right?

Niagara Falls, NY- Harsh winter weather makes people do drastic things.


A man, desperate for sleep, called 911 and asked the dispatcher if police could come and stop the wind from blowing. Yes...he called police ON THE WIND.

To the dispatcher's credit...she DID actually request an officer, but it's unsure if any cops responded. [Buffalo News]

I'm guessing they had better things to do, like yelling at clouds.

Punta Gorda, FL- This woman wins the award for Worst Bridesmaid Ever.

35-year-old Amanda Willis was the maid of honor at her best friend's wedding last weekend. And judging by her behavior, she really wasn't jazzed to be there.


Willis chugged an entire bottle of Fireball, then grabbed the best man's keys and attempted to steal his car. She then went BACK inside and started drinking more before cops arrived.

Willis then faked a seizure and was taken to the hospital, where she exposed herself to officers and assaulted paramedics ... she faces charges of larceny, battery, and grand theft auto. And the bride says the two are no longer friends. [NBC Miami]

All that's missing is Mike Tyson, and a tiger in the bathroom...

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