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An Uber driver gets busted for boner pills, A "smart" car is smarter than it's owner, and a Cowboys fan gets a bit too far ahead of himself...

New Haven, CT- An Uber driver was in court last week after stealing a passenger's credit card information.

A rider left her purse in David Walker's vehicle back in september. Soon after, she received a series of fraud alerts on her phone. Walker had used her credit card to buy more than $500 worth of Viagra online.

Cops contacted Uber and confirmed that Walker was the purchaser and that he had no other passengers that day. He was charged with larceny, credit card theft, illegal use of a credit card, and receiving stolen goods. [Connecticut Post]

Did he have the Viagra for longer than 4 hours? I've heard that could be a problem...

Las Vegas, NV- A man and his wife accidentally got locked out of their car...without having keys.

Ryan & Amy Negri were stranded with their Tesla six miles from home. Ryan used the Tesla mobile app to start his car. But when they had to make a quick stop he was unable to restart the engine...because there was no cell phone signal up near the mountains.

Ryan's wife had to walk TWO MILES to get to cell service height in order to call a friend to pick her up and get their keys. []

Ain't technology wonderful?

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
Tom Pennington/Getty Images


Stand-up comedian and die-hard Cowboys fan Jordan Garnett is dealing with some serious ridicule. Garnett got the Cowboys logo tattooed on his right arm last month, along with "Super Bowl LI (51) Champions."

Two problems: First, the Super Bowl isn't until February. Second, Dallas LOST to Green Bay this weekend, so now they're out of the playoffs. [For The Win]

WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?! Why don't you just wait until the season is COMPLETELY over? You have the logo, wait two months and get the rest of it (plus, the tat is hideous. It doesn't even look real).

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