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An Iowa police department uses a snarky Facebook post to catch a suspect, A snow park closes BECAUSE of snow, and a burglar doesn't think his plan through very well.

Norwalk, IA- Local police used a humorous and sarcastic method to attempt to identify a shoplifting suspect.

The police department posted two photos of the suspect on their Facebook page last week, along with the following caption: "Hey everybody my team made the NFL Playoffs!!!! I just got a new TV ... I got this mount for free when I apparently forgot to pay for it. I left the store in the pictured white car that my driver was waiting for me in ... Oh and if you were wondering, we like the STEALers…"

This approach apparently worked. Norwalk Police Chief Greg Staples said Thursday it was viewed 62,000 times, and that the suspect's name was provided "55 minutes after we posted it." Chief Staples added "a Facebook post about a low-dollar theft doesn’t need to be serious." [Des Moines Register]

Atlanta, GA- A rare winter storm had an unlikely effect on a certain local business.

Snow Mountain is a popular winter spot for people to go sledding and tubing. Since Georgia isn't usually that snowy, the park has a machine that can make up to 360 tons of FAKE snow every day. But when nearly a foot of REAL snow hit the area last week...the park was forced to close!

They posted the announcement on Facebook Saturday morning, adding "Yes, we're aware of the irony." [WSB-TV]

Hopefully, they don't close their swimming pools because it's too hot.


Deerfield Beach, FL- Security cameras caught a man trying to rob a store--that sells security cameras.

The would-be burglar tried to break in to Spy Spot Investigations, which specializes in GPS trackers, audio recording devices, and--you guessed it--surveillance cameras. The store's manager said the suspect threw a large rock at the shop's glass door. He then tried to kick the door open. When both methods failed to work he finally took off, but not before store cameras captured an image of his face.

The store even posted a video of the incident on its Facebook page. [7 News Miami / CNet]

It looks like it was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, but you couldn't take, like, 30 seconds to do a little bit of research?? Face, meet Palm.

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