Happy Groundhog Day! There may or may not be six more weeks of winter, but you can ALWAYS count on me to provide you with your daily dose of dumb!

In today's headlines: a teacher gives her students QUITE a show, a man breaks federal law to impress his date, and a woman gets "chesty" after being kicked off her flight...

Pawhuska, OK- A substitute teacher probably won't be getting any calls for a while.

34-year-old Lacey Sponsler was having some fun with a high school choir class last Friday.


The students were dancing and Sponsler decided to do a cartwheel...in a dress...without any underwear! One student captured the incident in a Snapchat video and a female student told police that Sponsler's bare buttocks and "lady business" were clearly visible.

Sponsler told police that she didn't realize she wasn't wearing underwear, and that she was just trying to be a cool teacher. [The Smoking Gun]

I'll certainly give her that...I never had that kind of excitement in high school!

Lakeland, FL- Here's an example of trying just a LITTLE BIT too hard.

27-year-old Kyle Barwan has been arrested for impersonating a military officer in an attempt to solicit money.


Barwan met a woman on the dating site Plenty Of Fish and claimed to be an army officer and mercenary working for the CIA. Barwan also had his phone number attached to a caller I.D. which displayed 'U.S. Government" on his outgoing calls.

All of this...ALL OF THIS...was to convince the woman to front him $60 so he could play in a Call of Duty video game tournament.

He's being charged with misrepresenting military service. [WTSP-TV]

He found the ONE person who didn't believe what she saw on the Internet...

New Orleans, LA- A woman claims she was kicked off a plane because of her awesome CLEAVAGE.


The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, was aboard a Spirit Airlines flight from New Orleans to Ft. Lauderdale.

According to a Spirit spokesperson, flight attendants had spoken to the woman about being drunk. But...they ALSO told her "you may want to cover up," which made her believe that was the real reason for being removed.

Just keeping it real, she is VERY well-endowed, so I could see why that could make some uncomfortable, but she's asking Spirit to apologize for the public embarrassment. [Local 10 - Miami]

If you're going to kick her off because of her boobs, what about the fat guy who takes up two seats, huh? Where's the justice?? ;-)

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