You could say that trouble is BREWING for these three guys. It's a special beer-themed edition of Crappy News! Here are today's top stories:

Wise, VA: Cops caught a fugitive by following his trail...of beer cans.


39-year-old Travis Pratt escaped from jail on Saturday. He then stole a pickup truck and bought beer. Apparently, Pratt was POUNDING beers and tossing the empties into the truck bed, which inadvertently led authorities right to him.

Police chased the vehicle until Pratt jumped out of the truck and began running away on foot. Officers continued the pursuit until Pratt was arrested.

He was charged with destruction of property, felony escaping and resisting arrest. Additional charges are pending. [Bristol Herald-Courier]

In fairness, if I broke out of jail, the first thing I'd want to do is slam about a hundred beers.

Minneapolis, MN: A man's brilliant plan to steal beer was quickly thwarted.


47-year-old Mark Erickson was arrested last Wednesday for tampering with a motor vehicle after attempting to steal from a beer truck in the back of a liquor store.

The driver saw Erickson climb into the truck, so he closed the door and locked him inside until cops could get there. The store's co-owner said that Erickson had been a regular customer but now he'll no longer be welcome there. [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

Liquid courage working wonders yet again...

Saxony, Germany: A drunk driver stunned police with a shocking confession.


Last week, a 52-year-old man was pulled over TWICE in one night for drunk driving. While at the police station, the man confessed to murdering a woman 25 years earlier. He blurted out that he'd stabbed a woman to death back in 1991...cops found the case file, and the details seemed to back up the guy's story.

He had ZERO arrests before this, and now authorities are investigating whether committed any other previous crimes. Police are unsure what brought on the sudden confession. [The Local]

I'm guessing the TWO drunk driving arrests in one night had something to do with it...

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