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A fast-food freakout, a hotel review catches a cheater, and a town proposes work breaks for "adult time."

Sandy Springs, GA- You can't say this guy doesn't take his job seriously.

Pizza Hut All-American NCAA Cross Country Event Highlights 2016 - Day 1
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Pizza Hut employee Anderson Lewis confronted a co-worker about how to put toppings on pizza. The argument got heated and Lewis wound up spraying her with MACE.

Lewis then wrote his address on a napkin, and said if the victim wanted to fight, that’s where she could find him. Lewis also threw trays of pizza and dough on the floor as he was leaving. Cops have issued a warrant for his arrest for disorderly conduct. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

In all seriousness, that's the guy I want making MY pizza. Don't just throw stuff on there all willy-nilly...I have to put this on Instagram later...

Doncaster, England- A woman found out her fiance was cheating...because of hotel reviews?


41-year-old Melanie Sheard was vacationing in Turkey back in 2014 when she hit it off with a 32-year-old hotel manager named Pablo. She frequently returned to Turkey to see him and they eventually got engaged. But Sheard became suspicious when he started befriending other women on social media.

She began investigating by reading reviews of his hotel on Sheard read several comments from female visitors saying they had a fling with the manager. She tracked some of the women down on Facebook, and they confirmed that Pablo was the manager they'd hooked up with. He denies that he ever cheated on her. [Sun]

Yes...because I'm sure ALL of those women are lying...

Overtornea, Sweden- Town representatives rejected a proposal to allow employees one-hour SEX BREAKS while at work.


Politician Per-Erik Muskos argued that the proposal would boost workplace morale, improve intimacy and help the town's birthrate.

The town council said “If sexual congress is considered a valid activity, then other activities should be approved, such as cleaning." Critics also say that it would not be inclusive to those that were not sexually active. [New York Times]

I certainly wouldn't mind coming to work every day...

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