A college kid gets caught changing his grade, smugglers sneak gold through their naughty parts, and a woman sues because her candy had sugar in it...

Orlando, FL- A college student has been busted for tampering with his grades.


22-year-old University of Central Florida student Sami Adel Ammar hacked into a school computer to change a grade in his engineering class from an “F” to a “B.”

Cops located an IP address and traced it to a computer on campus. Security video showed Ammar and another person at that computer at the time the grade was edited. The professor told police that the student’s name stood out, because Ammar had only completed one assignment the entire semester.

Ammar was arrested Wednesday and faces felony charges for hacking. [Fox 4 News]

I like how he stealthily changed it to a "B" to make it less noticeable. Can't make it COMPLETELY obvious...

South Korea- Customs officials recently recovered nearly $100 MILLION worth of gold.


51 suspects were caught smuggling more than 5,200 pounds of gold into the country...through their PRIVATE PARTS.

The male smugglers managed to hide five or six gold bars in their RECTUMS, while females also kept gold in their LADY PARTS. Obviously, this didn't all happen in one trip (it had been going on for about two years), but that's some serious dedication.

Customs agents say they'll be launching a special task force to--wait for it--crack down on gold smugglers. [Korea Times]

Stories like this make you wonder...how much could you fit up there if you REALLY wanted to??

San Bernardino, CA- A woman is suing Jelly Belly because she didn't know that their jelly beans contained sugar. Yes, really.

Jessica Gomez has filed a lawsuit claiming that "fancy phrasing" on Jelly Belly's

Jelly Belly Candy Factory Churns Out Easter Treats
David Paul Morris/Getty Images

ingredient list caused her confusion. The company disguised sugar as "evaporated cane juice" so that their Sport Beans would appear to be healthier. Jelly Belly's lawyers are arguing that Gomez could'nt have seen "evaporated cane juice" listed without ALSO seeing "Includes 19g Added Sugars" in the nutrition facts.

Gomez argues that they are deceiving customers, and the Food & Drug Administration kind of agrees with her. So...maybe she has a case after all. [GrubStreet]

I get that people should want to know what's really in their food, but any human with the slightest bit of common sense should realize that jelly beans have sugar...

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