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A student holds his professor hostage, a man drives through wet cement, and a drunk guy uses a bed for a raft...

Gainesville, FL- A college student has been arrested for trapping his professor in her office...


19-year-old Jude Akachukwu allegedly entered his math professor's office uninvited, blocked the door and wouldn't allow her to leave unless she agreed to let him take a make-up exam. She refused...so he started to physically restrain her.

Akachukwu fell to the floor crying once the professor threatened to call police. She then rushed out of her office and went to a nearby classroom to begin teaching. Akachukwu FOLLOWED her and interrupted her lecture.

He faces charges of false imprisonment and battery. [Alligator.org]

Whatever his final grade was going to be...I'm assuming it's a lot worse now...

Lincoln, NE- A man could owe the city $10,000 after accidentally driving through wet concrete.


19-year-old Shadrach Yasiah halted traffic last Wednesday when his car became stuck after inadvertently driving into a section of freshly poured concrete. There was about a 25-foot gap between traffic cones, and police say it wasn't obvious that the concrete hadn't dried.

A city engineer claims that Yasiah is responsible for the damage, and that the costs include labor, equipment, car removal and re-pouring. [KHQ-TV]

Papillion, NE- A man needed to be rescued after failing to raft down a local creek.

Part of the problem? He was floating on an AIR MATTRESS.

Authorities say the 54-year-old man was rafting with a friend when he fell off the mattress and was too intoxicated to get out of the water on his own. The man was treated at the scene but did not need to go to the hospital. [WOWT-TV]

Hey, when you live in Nebraska you need to find ways to entertain yourself before football season starts. At least you can count on this guy to be down for a good time...

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