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Lawyers begin fighting during a hearing, a criminal jumps into a river, and a bikini contest becomes violent...

Pierce County, GA- Two lawyers got into a fistfight...during a trial.

Kenneth Futch & John Thigpen were each representing clients during a child custody hearing when they began swinging at each other.


The judge ended the hearing and charged both lawyers with contempt of court.

Apparently, there's quite a long history of bad blood between the two. Thigpen had allegedly tried to recruit clients during court when Futch was a judge. Thigpen also claimed to have audio recordings of Futch using racial slurs while arguing with his wife, and even went so far as to represent Futch's wife in an assault case.

Officers say they're used to things becoming hostile during domestic hearings, but it's usually the clients that are involved...not the lawyers. [JDJournal.com]

St. Charles, MO- A thief ran from police...and then needed them to rescue him.

Sun shines over the Jefferson Street Bridge in downtown Rockford.
Rob Carroll/Townsquare Media

44-year-old Austin Denson robbed a bank last Monday. Police went to his house to question him when they saw Denson take off in his car. The chase ended when Denson parked his car on a bridge and jumped into the Missouri River.

Witnesses saw Denson struggling to stay afloat in the water and refusing help. A rescue boat eventually came and got him out of the river. Denson was transported to the hospital and charges are pending. [Fox 2 Now]

Stuart, FL- A woman faces battery charges after a brawl during a swimsuit contest.

red female shoes with high heels

24-year-old Erica Mize was a participant in the Miss Sailfish Regatta Bikini Contest back in May. And one of the other contestants happened to be dating Mize's ex-boyfriend. The victim reportedly tried to talk to Mize after they got off stage, which is when Mize struck her in the head with a high heel shoe.

Mize was on probation at the time of the attack, so now she could face additional jail time. [The Smoking Gun]

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