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Mexican food leads to a DUI, the Hamburglar is real, and an airline mistakes a man's disability for drunkenness...

Port St. Lucie, FL- Police had an interesting encounter with a drunk driver.


39-year-old Alexandra Ignatkina was pulled over for speeding last month.

The officer could smell booze coming from her SUV. When he asked for her license, she went into her purse...and pulled out an unwrapped, half-eaten BURRITO.

Ignatkina claimed she only had one glass of champagne about eight hours earlier.  But the cop found an empty mini-bottle of wine in her purse, another one in the center console...and a third bottle that was about half full. Ignatkina's blood alcohol level was 01.83, more than double the legal limit. []

Two takeaways from this ... #1, this woman clearly should not have been driving. #2, HOW BIG IS HER PURSE?

Harlem, NY- A truck driver stole $20,000 worth of McDonald's, and sold it to a local grocery store.

43-year-old delivery driver Kojo Lockhart is wanted for diverting frozen hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, fries and apple pies to a deli in New York City. Lockhart also provided the store with sausage, bacon, cheese, sugar and other items.

Lockhart has since been fired by the shipping company but police haven't been able to find him. [DNAinfo] about that? The Hamburglar DOES really exist.

Miami, FL- A man is suing American Airlines after being removed from his flight.

Michael Menella was boarding a plane to Las Vegas last August when he noticed the airline had not provided a wheelchair as he requested. Menella, a DOUBLE AMPUTEE, was forced to walk through the jet bridge onto the plane, which caused considerable pain.


Menella asked flight attendants for water to take his medicine, which they refused. He then walked on his stumps to another attendant at the back of the plane and still didn't receive help.

American Airlines personnel told the passengers around Menella that he was a drunk and that the plane was being diverted to Dallas. Menella was escorted off the plane by police, who told him he was "being arrested for a felony due to his intoxication." 

But police realized after talking to Menella that he was not under the influence. Menella is suing American for defamation and negligence. [Miami New Times]

Who is training these flight attendants? Since when is your first instinct to NOT help?

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