This story is not very humerus. Here's "Crappy News" for Thursday, August 23rd, 2018.

Paterson, NJ- A man had to be rescued after nearly falling into a waterfall.

Waterfall Located in Falls Park in Sioux Falls

More than 20 first responders helped pull the man up a concrete wall and through a hole they'd cut in a metal fence. Missing his shoes and wearing only one sock, the man had hung on to some rocks and vegetation at the base of the concrete wall for at least an hour before the rescue.

Police say the man fell onto a footbridge above the falls while trying to find his cellphone. He was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. [CBS New York]

The guy was chasing waterfalls...clearly he didn't learn anything from TLC.

Cornwall, United Kingdom- This could be the most unusual way to try to get back with an ex.

Broken heart

51-year-old Roy Meadwell was engaged to a woman named Kay Wimbury until she broke things off in 2016. He kept trying to win her back, but things got so bad she actually filed a protective order against him.

But last summer, Meadwell came up with one last big scheme. He wrote her a letter pretending to be the ghost of her dead mother...and in the letter, he told Kay she should get back together with Roy.

Wimbury knew the letters came from Meadwell because they contained details of their relationship that only he would have known.

He was just sentenced to four months in prison for violating the restraining order. [BBC News]

Perhaps this dude should look into online dating...AFTER he's out of jail.

Marion, IA- A drunk driver was busted after running over the arm of his passenger.

Police line

The incident happened late Tuesday afternoon. Officers spotted a suspicious vehicle parked near a house with a man laying on the curb with his feet still in the passenger side.

Police stopped behind the vehicle when the driver, 36-year-old Andrew Dvorsky, began to slowly move forward, running over the victim's arm. Dvorsky then turned into the driveway of the house and drove through the closed garage door.

He faces charges of OWI, reckless driving, driving with a revoked license, open container, and failure to provide proof of insurance. [KCRG-TV]

Can you imagine getting your arm run over by a car?! I call in sick if I'm having a bad hair day...

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