Think of all the salsa and queso that will go to waste. This is "Crappy News" for Monday, July 23rd.

Grafton, Australia- A man has been convicted of molesting a horse.

Portrait of a horse head outdoors in field

31-year-old Daniel Webb-Jackson broke into a stable earlier this year...and got busy with one of the female horses.

Webb-Jackson pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges, but admitted to digitally penetrating the horse. He told police the filly smelled his crotch and winked at him, which he believed was the animal giving consent.

AMAZINGLY, a judge didn't buy it, and Webb-Jackson was sentenced to 10 months in prison. [ / Grafton Daily Examiner]

San Jose, CA- Hundreds of drivers saw something unexpected during their morning commute.

Close up of a bicycle drive wheel - vintage effect

Officers received several calls about a nude man riding his bicycle on the freeway Wednesday morning. Three units were dispatched to look for the man, who was spotted multiple times on the north and southbound lanes of Highway 101--biking against traffic.

Most people didn't seem bothered that the man wasn't wearing clothes--only that he wasn't wearing a helmet. California Highway Patrol said that while cyclists and pedestrians are spotted on the freeway all the time, the nudity element made the incident "rather unusual." []

Austin, TX- Firefighters had to put out a blaze at a tortilla chip factory.


Officials raced to the factory, where batches of the chips had reportedly spontaneously combusted.

The department shared photos of the fire on Facebook, and shared the importance of tortilla chips as a way for us to eat "queso, salsa, nachos, and various other sundry items ... So imagine how distressed we were to be called to a fire at a tortilla chip warehouse earlier this week…not once, but twice!"

Yep...later that week, additional boxes of the same tortilla chips ignited again. Firefighters also contained that fire and drowned all of the other boxes that had yet to catch fire.

The factory says it was trying out a new way of making chips that "didn't work out so well." [CBS Austin]

Normally, I only spontaneously combust AFTER eating Mexican food...

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