These are the kind of constructive, meaningful debates we crave in 2018.

A friend of mine got into an argument with her boyfriend about--of all things--Fruit By The Foot. Why, do you ask? Because he foolishly believes that Fruit By The Foot is CANDY. Like, seriously? How does someone even make that argument? Fruit snacks are NOT candy. What kind of childhood did he have? Who hurt him? Here's their conversation (my friend is in the blue):


Wow. A PowerPoint. You have to be pretty passionate about this to drag Microsoft Office into things. To his credit, he *tried* to provide some evidence to back up this outrageous claim:

Three big flaws with this logic:

  1. Fruit By The Foot isn't available for individual sale. You can buy ONE Snickers bar, or ONE Butterfinger, or even ONE bag of Skittles. FBTF? Nah.
  2. If you asked for candy and someone offered you Fruit By The Foot or a Fruit Roll-up you'd be PISSED.
  3. It's not even in the candy aisle. Believe me, I checked.

Thankfully, the official Fruit By The Foot Twitter account weighed in and helped us clarify things.

See? Straight from the source. That ought to settle it. I hope their relationship can withstand this.

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