Unfortunately, this will be his most memorable strikeout. This is 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, February 13th.

Austin, TX- A man is arguing that drunk driving laws discriminate against alcoholics.


Ralph Friesenhahn was convicted of his fourth DWI back in 2016, and is trying to overturn his four-year prison term on the basis that the legal limit of 0.08 ignores the higher alcohol tolerances of frequent drinkers.

An appeals court denied his request, stating that the law applies equally to all drivers.

Even though Friesenhahn argued for leniency towards drunk drivers, many states are pushing to make the legal limit even lower, which would likely reduce the risk of alcohol-related accidents. [Austin American Statesman]

Seriously? You're not being punished for being an alcoholic. You're being punished for making the decision to drive after you drink.

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada- A man was cited for sneaking into the carpool lane with a mannequin.

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Getty Images

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police noticed a van speeding and crossing into the high-occupancy vehicle lanes without signaling. An officer stopped the van and saw that the driver's passenger was actually a mannequin dressed in sunglasses and a hoodie.

Users of the carpool lane are required to have at least two *human* passengers in a vehicle. Police seized the mannequin to prevent another offense. [UPI]

Did police give the mannequin the right to remain silent?

San Diego County, CA- A former MLB pitcher has been arrested for transporting cocaine.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

46-year-old Esteban Loaiza was a two-time All-Star during his 14-year career in the major leagues, playing for eight teams including the New York Yankees & Chicago White Sox. But now he can also add "drug kingpin" to his resumé.

Loaiza was pulled over February 9th for a traffic violation. Police say Loaiza's vehicle had "a sophisticated aftermarket compartment used to conceal contraband." No drugs were found in the car, but officers searched Loaiza's home and found nearly 45 pounds of cocaine stored in duffel bags. The drugs had an approximate street value of $500,000.

Loaiza--who earned upwards of $40 million during his career--faces charges including possession of over 20 kilograms of cocaine and drug trafficking. [ABC]

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