I mean, to be fair, Nutella IS pretty delicious....

Sun Valley, ID- An airplane landing was delayed...because of a mountain lion.

Mountain Lion

Passengers aboard the flight from Salt Lake City received a surprise Saturday night when the pilot abruptly aborted the landing due to a cougar on the runway. The pilot looped around the airport for another 20 minutes until staff were able to chase the lion outside the airport fence.

The manager of Friedman Memorial Airport said the cougar had climbed on a wheel line irrigation device to jump over the fence and reach the runway. [Idaho Mountain Express]

A cougar on the runway. So THAT'S what Jennifer Aniston is up to these days...

St. Petersburg, FL- A guy got arrested after tricking a valet into giving him someone else's car.


28-year-old Levi Miles met 24-year-old woman named Chloe Rimmer at a fancy hotel this past summer. And--as most guys tend to do--he wanted to impress her, so he pointed to a $300,000 Ferrari 458 Spider parked out front, and said it was his. Miles managed to convince the valet into giving him the keys.

But they were quickly pulled over because the car's taillights were out and Miles was having trouble driving. And when the cops searched the car, they found two grams of COCAINE on the center console. So not only was Miles arrested for grand theft, he was also dinged for narcotics possession.

The Ferrari's owner is now suing the hotel for negligence. [Tampa Bay Times]

I mean, doesn't cocaine usually come standard with a $300,000 car?

France- A price drop in Nutella has caused shoppers to lose their minds.

Getty Images
Getty Images

On Thursday, supermarket chain Intermarché announced a 70% discount on the delicious hazelnut chocolate spread, marking it down from €4.5 to €1.4.

The sale caused such an uproar that customers have been seen pulling at each other’s hair, hitting people with boxes, and even drawing blood. Some shoppers even came into stores Wednesday night to hide pots of Nutella from other hangry customers.

The riots prompted some stores to hand out jars to impatient shoppers one at a time. [iNews]

We've got "Black Friday" here in the states, apparently they have "Brown Thursday" over there.

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