When you challenge the cops...be prepared for them to accept. This is 'Crappy News' for Friday, 10/13/17.

Salisbury, MA- Skinny dippers accidentally crashed a wedding reception.

Digital Vision
Digital Vision

29-year-old Zachary Tomko & 20-year-old Holly O'Neil thought they had found a secluded area where nobody would notice them swimming nude. But they'd actually stripped down while a wedding was taking place further down the beach.

Members of the wedding party spotted the couple skinny dipping and called police. An officer saw Tomko & O'Neil about 20 yards into the water and called them to come back onto the beach--and ordered them to put their clothes back on.

The bride seemed to take the event in stride, saying that it "made for a really interesting wedding day."

Tomko & O'Neil pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. [WCVB]

Lancaster County, PA- These newlyweds aren't off to a great start...

Police received a call last month about a domestic disturbance.


22-year-old Abigail Geiger told cops that she got into an argument with her husband, David, while they were in the shower. The fight became physical, and Abigial grabbed David's junk so forcefully that she left puncture marks and he had to go to the hospital.

Abigail sustained bruises on her back after her husband pushed her in an attempt to exit the shower. Police determined that Mrs. Geiger was the aggressor and she was arrested for aggravated and simple assault. [The Smoking Gun]

Aggravated? Yes. But trust me...there is NOTHING simple about that. Women will just never understand.

Detroit, MI- A fugitive tried to troll police on social media, and it did NOT go well.

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Michael Torino has several outstanding warrants...and a lot of bravado.

Torino challenged the police department on Facebook last Friday, saying that he'd turn himself in--and provide a dozen donuts--if his post was shared 1,000 times. Well, the cops posted a screenshot of Torino's message...and it reached more than 1,000 shares within the FIRST HOUR. By Monday, the post had been shared nearly 4,000 times.

No word yet on if Torino honored his word and turned himself in. [CBS Detroit]

I love when police departments actually have a sense of humor about this stuff. They CAN laugh...because they know they're going to win eventually anyway.

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