At least she had a sense of humor about the whole thing. This is "Crappy News" for Tuesday, February 19th.

Miami, FL- A couple of fake cops messed with the wrong guy.

Dawn J. Benko/Townsquare Media
Dawn J. Benko/Townsquare Media

Joe Martinez noticed an SUV with flashing lights approach him last Wednesday. Martinez didn't pull over because he thought the SUV was too nice to be a police vehicle.

And he ought to know--Martinez is the County Commissioner, and a former Miami-Dade police officer. Commr. Martinez flagged down another officer, who radioed for assistance.

One suspect, 27-year-old Franklin Dixon-Lozano, was arrested and charged with falsely impersonating an officer and possession of a firearm. Another suspect was released without being charged. [NBC News]

Wood County, OH- Police made a delicious discovery earlier this month.

A patrol car pulled over a pickup truck for speeding and an improper lane change.

Photo: Ohio State Highway Patrol
Photo: Ohio State Highway Patrol

The officers said that "criminal indicators" were observed and the driver was asked to leave the vehicle. Troopers patted down the suspect and found a loaded .380 handgun.

A search of the vehicle also revealed nearly two kilos of cocaine that had been hidden inside Lunchables boxes.
The driver, 41-year-old Nelson Lopez Jr., and 21-year-old Nelson Lopez III were arrested for felony cocaine possession and felony drug trafficking. Each faces up to 22 years in prison. [NBC 4 - Columbus]
They at least deserve some credit for creativity, no?
Hartford, KY- This husband's gift idea was "rooted" in confusion.
Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Allan Harris and his wife, Nina, have been married since 2006. This year for Valentine's Day Nina asked him to get her tulips, so she could plant them in their garden outside.

But, in typical husband fashion, he misheard her...and Allan showed up on Thursday with a bucket of TURNIPS.

In fairness, he wound up going out to buy her the tulips after all. But, in a strange twist,  Nina was impressed by her husband's efforts. Harris told his wife, quote, "The turnips were harder to find than tulips." And isn't it really the thought that counts, after all? [Tri-State Homepage]

"Here, honey. I love you so much I brought you some awful vegetables for Valentine's Day!" I would NOT be able to get away with this.

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