Their relationship is off to a wonderful start. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, August 17th, 2018.

Martin County, IN- A perv was arrested for watching Wendy's.

Police received a complaint Saturday about a man looking at pornographic images while sitting inside the restaurant.

Martin County (IN) Police
Martin County (IN) Police

71-year-old Richard Guy was approached by police, who searched his laptop and found pictures of underage girls in various states of undress. Some of the girls appeared to be younger than 12 years old.

Officers then went to Guy's home and seized tablet computers, cameras, several cases of flash drives and an external hard drive. Guy was charged with three counts of child pornography. [The Smoking Gun]

I mean, if you can't watch kiddie porn at a fast food restaurant WHERE ELSE ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GO?

Rosedale, MD- A woman was arrested for DUI twenty minutes.


33-year-old Stephanie Ringgold was stopped on Saturday after a patrol car noticed her speeding and passing another vehicle on the shoulder. Ringgold showed signs of intoxication and also had two young children in the car. A friend picked her up from jail and drove her to her car.

Less than 20 minutes later, the same trooper was back on patrol when he saw Ringgold get back into her vehicle and drive away. He initiated another traffic stop and again observed signs of impairment.

Ringgold was charged with another DUI, as well as driving within 12 hours of a DUI arrest. [Maryland State Police]

York, U.K.- A groom had to undergo a quick fix following his wedding.

bride and groom
Wavebreakmedia Ltd

32-year-old Wayne Lomax wed his wife Natalie last summer. And, as many couples do, they got matching tattoos to commemorate the day. Except in Wayne's was the wrong day.

The couple got married on August 25th, 2017, but Wayne mistakenly told the tattoo artist JULY 25th. Lomax says he was on his phone looking at the font he wanted for the tattoo when he said the wrong date.

The artist corrected the number and Natalie seems to have taken the goof in stride. Happy (almost) Anniversary, bro. I'm glad you lived to talk about it. [Mirror]

I would NOT get off that easily. I'd be building a doghouse the same day.

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