This is "Crappy News" for Wednesday, February 6th, 2019.

Phuket, Thailand- This delivery driver had a bad day.

mug of beer

58-year-old Somporn Primjarus was making a beer delivery this weekend when he lost control of his truck while turning a corner.

The vehicle tipped over and the wreck spilled 80,000 cans of beer into the street.

Residents rushed onto the road to "assist in the cleanup"--and by that, I mean "grab as many beers as they could." Police said anyone who took the cans could face theft charges if they are identified. [UPI]

Sheesh. That's a buzzkill times two.

Madison, WI- A man accidentally set his own car on fire.

Charcoal burning in a BBQ

Crews responded to the scene of a vehicle fire Thursday afternoon.

The owner of the car told investigators that his car had been unable to start for three days because of the extremely cold he placed a sheet tray full of lit charcoal underneath the car in attempt to thaw it.

He called 911 after seeing flames coming up through the engine. Nobody was injured, but the car was totaled from fire damage.

Remarkably, firefighters responded to a similar incident just two days earlier--a man tried warming up his van by using two baking sheets of lit charcoal. It's unclear if any charges were filed. [Channel 3000]

Cedar Rapids, IA- Iowa State Patrol pulled over a vehicle traveling at 107 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone.

Accelerating Dashboar in car

Police administered a breathalyzer test and the driver's blood alcohol content was .182, more than twice the legal limit.

State Patrol posted about the arrest on Facebook, saying "There been 24 fatalities on Iowa roads so far this year, which is only 1 less than a year ago this time. Slow down, put the phone down, and buckle up!!" [KCRG-TV]

Just a reminder that Uber is waaaaaay cheaper than a DUI.

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