He puts the "X" in "UberX." This is "Crappy News" for Friday, November 30th, 2018.

Moorhead, MN- A driver was watching something else instead of the road...


Numerous 911 calls came in last month reporting a distracted driver on Interstate 94. Witnesses saw a car swerving between lanes and drifting off onto the shoulder.

As police approached the woman ran off the road and crashed her car into a series of median cables.

The woman admitted that she had been watching Netflix on a tablet that was positioned on the passenger seat.

State Police sent out a tweet reminding drivers that ALL distracted driving is bad. [CBS 4 - Minneapolis]

Please don't watch Netflix while driving. I can't believe that's something I actually need to say.

Old Bridge, NJ- The city has a serious lack of Christmas spirit.

Tom and Kris Apruzzi spend months painstakingly adorning their home with more than 300,000 Christmas lights. The Apruzzis have continued this tradition for the past 15 years.

House Decorated with Christmas Lights
Nicole S. Young -- Thinkstock

But not everybody is feeling festive. City officials, including the mayor and chief of police, have issued an ultimatum--ordering the couple to pay $50,000 to keep the lights on.

The Apruzzis said they were told the cost would go toward police security and bus transportation to reduce the traffic that the light show brings in each year.

The couple is refusing to take down the lights and will try to crowdsource some of the money. [UPI]

What a bunch of Scrooges.

Iowa City- A man has been released from jail after allegedly exposing himself to an Uber driver.

Johnson County Sheriff's Office
Johnson County Sheriff's Office

27-year-old Christopher Jensen requested an Uber following a night out in July. That's when things got weird.

Police say during the ride, Jensen "took his penis out of his pants" and began to fondle himself in front of the driver. He then allegedly asked the driver, quote, "Do you want to touch it?"

The driver then stopped the vehicle and ordered Jensen to leave. Investigators located Jensen through Uber records.

He was charged with indecent exposure and released from Johnson County Jail Wednesday morning.

Jensen says he was very drunk that night, and has little memory of what happened, other than getting a ride. [The Smoking Gun]

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