This ruling definitely doesn't stink. Here's "Crappy News" for Thursday, April 5th.

Altamonte Springs, FL- This couple's relationship went up in flames.

close-up of flames from a fire rising

38-year-old Shivon Perez asked her ex-boyfriend to fix a leaking pipe in her bathroom while he was over for Easter dinner. While he was working on the leak, Perez sprayed the man with gasoline and set him on fire. Perez then tried locking the front door to prevent her ex from leaving the burning apartment.

The victim suffered major burns to his face, chest, neck, arm and hand. Perez faces charges of attempted homicide, arson and kidnapping. [Orlando Sentinel]

I guess these two just aren't hot for each other anymore...

Kharkiv, Ukraine- A man shipped HIMSELF in a crate to steal from a delivery truck.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The suspect packed himself inside a big wooden crate, and he had his friend ship him across the country. When he was finally inside a delivery truck, the man got out of his crate, opened other boxes with a knife and stole a laptop, some cell phones, and an Apple watch. He then resealed the boxes with tape.

But he obviously didn't know what to do next...because the delivery driver eventually found him in the back of the truck and took him to police.

The guy pleaded guilty to theft last month, and received a two-year suspended sentence. [Kyiv Post]

Good idea, poor execution.

Sibley, IA- The city just lost a very smelly lawsuit.

Josh Harms is a web developer who runs the site In his own words, Harms believes that his hometown has "a lot of good things going for it." But it was a critique of a local business that drew the ire of town officials.

Sibley Iowa Chamber of Commerce via Facebook
Sibley Iowa Chamber of Commerce via Facebook

Harms described Sibley's animal food processing plant as having a, quote "rotten blood, stale beer, 'I wonder if I should see a doctor after breathing that wall of fumes" smell that would "make you instantly regret using your vehicle's air conditioner."

City officials threatened to sue if Harms didn't take down the website, which prompted the ACLU to file a lawsuit against Sibley. A federal district court issued an injunction last Thursday, blocking the city from taking legal action.

The judge also ruled that Sibley had to issue Harms a written apology, as well as pay more than $20,0000 in legal fees...and provide First Amendment training to city staff. [Des Moines Register]

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