Here's another example of what NOT to do on Halloween. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, October 26th.

Salem, MA- This guy's temper boiled over.

Human skull head

Police encountered a man who claimed to have been in a fight. The man was bleeding from his head, saying his was attacked by 35-year-old Cory Nelson.

The two men had been inside of a house that sells Halloween supplies when Nelson allegedly struck the victim with a decorative witch's cauldron. Officers found Nelson drunk and staggering inside the building.

The victim refused medical attention. Nelson pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. [Salem News]

I guess you could say he's in some hot water.

Fresno, CA- A man who was house-sitting for his parents accidentally set the home on fire.

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Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Firefighters were called to the house Tuesday night after the tenant used a blowtorch to kill black widow spiders.

Flames from the torch went in between some of the cracks and the siding and into the interior of the wall. The fire eventually spread to the second story and the attic.

Nearly 30 firefighters responded to scene. Fresno's Fire Chief pretty much summed it up, saying "this probably was a bad idea." [ABC News]

In this guy's defense...I think I'd do the EXACT same thing.

Walcott, IA- A first grade teacher is being investigated because of a controversial costume.

Gilles Glod - Thinkstock
Gilles Glod - Thinkstock

Megan Luloff was part of a group dressed as characters from the movie Napoleon Dynamite at a Halloween party Friday night. Luloff was dressed as Lafawnduh, a character who is black. not.

The Vice President of the school board referred to the costume as "in very poor taste," "totally unacceptable," and "blatant racism."

The board issued a statement saying that it was "disappointed something like this is now connected to our school community," and that Luloff's conduct is "counter to the respect, values, and beliefs the district promotes."

No word on if Luloff will face any disciplinary action from the school. [Quad City Times]

Blackface is embarrassing enough. But Napoleon Dynamite? I wouldn't be proud of that, either.

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