They flushed out the suspect pretty quickly. Here's "Crappy News" for Monday, October 15th, 2018.

Nashville, TN- A man was accidentally stabbed at a haunted house.

29-year-old Jay Yochim was out with friends at a local Halloween attraction on October 5th. While inside, Yochim's group started laughing and joking with someone they thought was a cast member. During the conversation he handed Yochim's friend a knife and told her to stab him with it.

She went ahead with the gag, assuming the knife was a prop. Yochim says when he looked down, he saw blood pouring from a knife wound that went clear through his forearm. The knife luckily missed hitting any major arteries or tendons.

The company that operates the haunted house issued a statement saying they've never had any security issues or serious injuries in the past, and always aim for a scary--but safe--experience. [The Tennessean]

Police are investigating, but so far it's been a "dead end."

Kenner, LA- A government employee stole from his job to feed his gambling habit.

US Stamp

Ryan S. Cortez worked as a customer service manager at the local post office. Over the course of six or seven years, he stole an estimated $630,000 worth of stamps and sold them online.

PayPal and Ebay notified the government after they noticed he'd been selling "significant quantities" of stamps.

Investigators discovered that Cortez had lost more than $650,000 at casinos since 2011...even though his annual salary was just $70,000.

Cortez has been charged with misappropriation of postal funds. It's one of the largest embezzlement cases in by a postal worker in U.S. history. [USA Today]

Decorah, IA- An inmate faces additional charges after doing something pretty, well, crappy.

blue toilet

The incident happened Friday morning at the Winneshiek County Jail. Officers say 18-year-old Ezekiel Larson was allegedly caught intentionally plugging a jail toilet.

Larson was served a warrant for 4th-degree criminal mischief, and a probation violation.

KIMT-TV reports that Larson was placed on probation after being accused of six counts of burglary back in April, but was arrested again in August for stealing a golf cart in Lime Springs.

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