Was he shoplifting...or just overcompensating? This is "Crappy News" for Friday, December 14th.

San Lorenzo, CA- A would-be burglar is lucky to be alive.


The man was discovered by the owner of a nearby business after being stuck in a restaurant's grease vent for two days.

Igor Campos said he heard moaning coming from a Chinese restaurant Wednesday morning. Campos called 911 and crews found the man stuck above the stove area of the restaurant, which had been closed for several months.

Firefighters had to take apart the vent to free the suspect. The man was coated in grease but only suffered some cuts and bruises. Police are unsure of the charges the man will face. [ABC 7]

He's probably suffered enough due to embarrassment.

Omaha, NE- The state Tourism Commission has copped to a major mistake.

nebraska road vector map
Getty Images

The 2018 Nebraska Official State Travel Guide showcases plenty of top tourist attractions and recommendations, including the following holiday suggestion:

"There's no better place to kick off the season than Christmas at Union Station, where you can meet Santa himself by a 40-foot-tall Christmas tree.”

Problem is...the photo was taken inside Union Station...in Kansas City, Missouri.

A photographer noticed the goof and alerted the tourism department. They promised "the new 2019 Travel Guide will be out in January and there’s not a picture of the KC Union Station in that one."

I'm sure Kansas City appreciates the publicity, though... [Kansas City Star]

Lakeland, FL- Police are searching for a sandwich thief.

long baguette sandwich

The crime happened at a convenience store late last month. Store security video shows a man stuffing a footlong sub down the front of his pants.

Police say the man then purchased a fountain drink and left without paying for the sandwich.

The police department posted a photo of the suspect on its Facebook page, along with the caption "Too bad it wasn't a hot sandwich - that would have provided instant Karma ... This should also serve as notice to all as to why you do not take food from a stranger. You don't know where it's been."

The suspect still hasn't been found. [WFLA-TV]

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