At least wait until you HAVE the money to tell people about it. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, January 11th.

Key West, FL- Some people should just stay away from weddings...


Photo: Monroe County [FL] Sheriff's Office[/caption]Police say 29-year-old Jovanny Arredondo was "showing off" with a knife at a wedding reception December 15th when he made stabbing motions at the groom, 29-year-old Nicolas Camargo. The knife hit Camargo in the thigh.

Later that night, Arredondo fell from a second-floor balcony at the restaurant and fled the scene. A witness said Arredondo was hanging from a banister when it broke, causing him to fall.

Arredondo WASN'T charged for the stabbing, since police believe it was unintentional. However, he will face misdemeanors for disturbing the peace and improperly displaying a weapon, as well as a felony charge of criminal mischief. [Miami Herald]

Hopefully the ACTUAL wedding was less eventful.

Bristol, IN- A cyclist was stripped of his title because of a failed drug test.

Athlet riding bicycle

Carl Grove set a world record during the U.S. Masters Track National Championships last summer. Unfortunately, Grove recently tested positive for epitrenbolone. Because of the violation, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) will strip Grove of the record.

This kind of thing happens a lot in cycling. Exceot the Grove is 90 YEARS OLD.

He argues that contaminated meat from the night before was the reason for his positive test, though USADA claims that Grove's in-competition urine sample tested negative. [Yahoo Sports]

Are we just going to ignore the fact that this dude is 90?! I'm barely 30 and have a hard time getting out of bed.

Vacaville, CA- A man is accused of trying to cash in his friend's lottery ticket.

35-year-old Adul Saosongyang was charged with grand theft after stealing his roommate's winning lottery ticket and replacing it with a losing one.

lottery ticket
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Police said Saosongyang's roommate purchased a scratch-off ticket last month and thought he had won $10,000.

The next morning the man noticed his ticket had been swapped for a dud. He suspected one of his roommates was responsible and called police.

Authorities say Saosongyang went to the same store, bought the same ticket, and switched it out with the winning one. It turns out the ticket wasn't worth $10,000 ... but $10,000,000!

Saosongyang was invited to the lottery office on Monday to collect his winnings. Police were waiting and arrested him. The actual winner hasn't been identified. [NBC News]

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