I, too, would rather throw a Hot Pocket at somebody than eat it. This is "Crappy News" for Thursday, November 8th.

Dusseldorf, Germany- Two men have been convicted of stealing more than 100 portable toilets.

Portable Toilet In Muddy Field With View

The culprits worked at a waste disposal agency and periodically pilfered the port-a-potties--which were valued at approximately $80,000--before selling them to a foreign company.

So far only three of the missing toilets have resurfaced. One of the suspects was sentenced to six months in jail, while the other received a 10-month suspended sentence. [Yahoo News]

Who wants to buy THAT many? I just hope they weren't used...

Salt Lake City, UT- A woman embezzled from her job...to pay off a different embezzlement.

gavel and cash money

44-year-old Tina Rae Levrant-Delgado had worked as a spa director since 2014. And during that time, she had made 1,353 unauthorized transactions, costing the company more than $134,000.

Levrant-Delgado misused company funds for personal gain and failed to deposit cash payments into the company account. And this ISN'T the first time something like this has gone down.

She used to work for a property management company from 2009 to 2013, from which she stole around $170,000. She was convicted of embezzlement and ordered to make restitution payments.

So, to recap...she stole money from her CURRENT job to pay back the money she stole from her PREVIOUS job.

She's been charged with unlawful dealing of property by a fiduciary, communications fraud, and theft. [KSL-TV]

A leopard doesn't change its spots...right?

Casper, Wyoming- A dude was arrested after using a HOT POCKET as a weapon.

Levi Lucero/Photo: Casper Police Dept.
Levi Lucero/Photo: Casper Police Dept.

A woman had called police and said that 29-year-old Levi Lucero had thrown a Hot Pocket at her friend, and the victim's face was "blistering and falling off."

Officers saw burns on the victim's neck and ear, and also noted that the woman had "Hot Pocket shrapnel all over her neck and shirt."

The woman told cops that she had given Lucero a Hot Pocket that was heated up in the microwave. The couple then began arguing as he was eating.

The victim alleged that Lucero struck her with the Hot Pocket after first throwing a phone at her. He claimed that he flung the Hot Pocket at her after she had punched him in the nose.

Lucero was arrested on a recommended charge of domestic battery. [The Smoking Gun]

I, too, would rather throw a Hot Pocket at somebody than eat it.

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