Talk about being a cow-poke. This is 'Crappy News' for Friday, February 2nd.

Augusta, GA- A sinkhole swallowed a man and his motorcycle.

Vintage motorcycle front view

Firefighters had to rescue the man after falling into the hole near a shopping center on Wednesday. The man experienced some minor injuries but there's no word on the state of the motorcycle.

The city has had a recent problem with sinkholes, including one last May, where the ground devoured a garbage truck. The holes have been attributed to pipes leaking underground. [Augusta Chronicle]

Yeah...ya might want to work on those!

Oklahoma City, OK- A guy called in a BOMB THREAT to help get his girlfriend out of court.

The county courthouse was evacuated after receiving the threat early Tuesday afternoon.

Time bomb

The caller warned that he'd blow up the building if all inmates weren't released from jail within 10 hours. The bomb squad determined the threat was bogus and traced the call to 27-year-old Brian Doro.

Doro confessed that his girlfriend had a child custody hearing at the courthouse that afternoon, but she couldn't afford a he tried to buy her more time with the bomb threat.

He was arrested on one count of making a threat by explosive means. [KFOR-TV]

This is idiotic and kind of romantic at the same time...

Uxbridge, U.K.- A man has been banned from every farm in Britain after sexually abusing COWS.

Black and white calf
PaulGrecaud - Thinkstock

80-year-old John Curno was spotted pleasuring himself while "interfering" with a herd of cows last summer.

One farmer's wife claimed she saw Curno's left hand inside one of their cows, while he used his right hand for self-love. In a different incident, he was spotted violating the bovine with his pants around his ankles. Curno admitted to police that he has a "weakness" for the animals.

Curno is awaiting sentencing, but he's ordered to stay away from farms, for fear he'll continue his bad behavior. []

He's 80. Maybe he just needs a companion. Or he has TERRIBLE eyesight.

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