Because the best way to show someone they're wrong is to do something that's actually worse. This is "Crappy News" for Wednesday, August 1st.

Raleigh, NC- Some people should just stick to using landlines.

74-year-old Charles M. Hager needed some help with his phone so he drove to a nearby Verizon store. Hager got upset that the store had already closed for the night but he calmly returned home and waited until the following day. Just kidding...he got back in his car and drove through the glass storefront.

Police say Hager had kicked in the front door of the building, breaking the glass. He then drove his vehicle into the store.

None of the six employees inside at the time were injured. Hager has been charged with six counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and damage to property. [ABC 11]

And, he STILL can't work his phone.

Bayonne, NJ- A bank robber had a change of heart.


A man walked into the bank Friday afternoon and handed a note to the teller demanding cash. As she was reading it, the guy changed his mind...and told her that he wanted to open an account instead.

Unfortunately, the teller read enough of note to figure out the suspect's original plan, so she and other bank employees stalled him until the cops could show up.

The man was able to flee before police arrived--and before he could open his new bank account. Officers are still investigating. []

Sometimes it IS too late to do the right thing...

Truckee, CA- A man was VERY fired up about the American flag.

American flag, outside of Lake Charles Civic Center, La.

Joshua Lozon noticed that a store had its flag out on display overnight, which is counter to the U.S. Flag Code (something everyone PRETENDS to know a lot about, but very few people actually do...more on that in a second).

Lozon chose to address this disrespect of Old setting the flag on fire. The owner's family says the building could have sustained much more damage because much of the store is made of wood.

Lozon's heroic idiotic act of national pride netted him an arson charge, and he faces up to three years in prison if convicted. [CBS 13 Sacramento]

Patriotism = good. Arson = bad. #Merica

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