At least there's one fewer person that can take your money in 2018. Here's 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, January 2nd.

Yuba City, CA- A man used a chair to stop a robbery.

Wendy's Reports Slide In Earnings
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The man--known simply as "Daniel"--was eating at Wendy's on Christmas night when the suspect walked in wearing a bag on his head. The suspect brandished a knife and threatened the cashier.

Daniel picked up a wooden chair and cracked the robber over the head with it. The suspect left the restaurant and fled in his getaway car. [KTXL-TV]

The culprit got away with nothing...except a probable head injury.

London, England- A guy tried to sneak onto a train and got caught in a compromising position.


The man tried to jump the turnstile to avoid paying a fare...when his JUNK accidentally got stuck.

Another passenger at the Covent Garden Tube station filmed the incident. The clip shows officers supporting the man’s legs and trying to ease him out. The man was eventually rescued and was seen on video thanking police for their "efforts." [Metro]

Pulling out usually isn't THAT dangerous.

Slidell, LA- A man organizing a Nigerian prince Internet scam has finally been busted.


In case you don't know, the scam involves getting an email from a Nigerian prince who promises to send you millions of dollars if you just give him a few thousand to cover the cost of the transfer. The victim is then asked to send personal information which is used to con them out of their money.

Well...somebody FINALLY got caught...and he doesn't exactly look like an African prince.

67-year-old Michael Neu was arrested after an 18-month investigation. Neu was allegedly working as the middleman for people in Nigeria; he'd collect the money, then send it along to them. Neu faces one count of money laundering and 269 counts of wire fraud. Authorities are still investigating the amount of money that was received. [NBC News]

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