Wow. Somebody REALLY likes chalupas. This is "Crappy News" for Tuesday, August 7th.

Nidda, Germany- A Guinness World Record attempt was a fly.

domino game stack

21-year-old Patrick Sinner and his team had spent nearly two weeks painstakingly constructing a formation of 600,000 mini dominoes, which are about the size of a fingernail.

On Friday a fly landed on one of the tiles, knocking it over and starting a premature chain reaction.

Sinner and his team were still able to set records for the largest domino wall, the largest spiral and the largest domino cube. [UPI]

Sanford, FL- Police are still searching for a pair of liquor larcenists.

Tequila shots

Two suspects stole multiple cases of tequila from a Sam's Club warehouse store last week. And they reportedly didn't have to try very hard. A woman who claims to be a Member Service Supervisor at the Sam’s Club, wrote on Facebook that the two men filled up their cart with the liquor and simply walked out.

Police released security cam images of the suspects last Wednesday, which shows one of the thieves pushing a shopping cart in the liquor aisle. The suspects made off with 72 bottles of Patron tequila, valued at more than $2,400.

The culprits have still yet to be identified, and it's unclear how the two men were able to leave the store undetected. [FOX News]

Somewhere in Minnesota- When you're hungry, sometimes you'll do drastic things to get your fix.

Taco Bell Overtakes Burger King As 4th Largest U.S. Fast Food Chain
Getty Images

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety just released some data from last month, when the cops did a special crackdown on speeding and reckless driving.

They gave out 14,611 speeding tickets between July 6th and 22nd, and one in particular stood out.

A man was cited for driving 99 miles per hour, and he allegedly told police that he was, quote, "trying to make it to Taco Bell before it closed."

I'm guessing, since he got pulled over, that he missed his opportunity. [Pioneer Press]

Hey...when the heart wants a burrito, the heart's gonna do some crazy stuff to get that burrito.

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