This guy was either extremely careful...or extremely high. Here's "Crappy News" for Wednesday, February 27th.

Eugene, OR- This gives new meaning to the phrase "business is booming."

Woman with French fries and ketchup at food truck
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The Buck Buck Food Cart was parked outside of a brewery Sunday morning when the truck abruptly exploded.

Firefighters determined that gas lines leading to the food truck’s propane tank malfunctioned, causing the blast.

The truck was unoccupied and nobody was injured, but three buildings in the area were damaged, including the brewery. Shockwaves from the blast knocked art and glassware onto the floor, and caused the taps to open, spilling beer throughout the bar.

The fire marshal is still investigating the explosion. [Register-Guard / UPI]

Sorry about your truck, but I'm more sorry about that beer.

Petersburg, VA- A guy found out that dating can be a real pain in the ass.

Internet dating

The man thought he was meeting with a woman he'd talked to on a dating website. But when he arrived...someone was waiting there to rob him.

The victim was shot in the buttocks and took off. He ran about three blocks before banging on the door of a neighbor's house. The homeowner called 911.

Authorities say this type of incident happened in the same neighborhood a few years ago, in which suspects were using dating apps and websites to target their victims. Police warned the public to be careful meeting people in an unfamiliar area. [WTVR]

I am shocked (shocked!) that someone would lie on a dating app...

Westmoreland County, PA- This driver was being a little too careful.

Marijuana and Money

Thursday afternoon police pulled over a box truck for "traveling at an unreasonably slow speed" on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The driver was stopped for going 40 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone.

The officer was understandably suspicious, so he searched the truck and found approximately 510 pounds of suspected marijuana inside of the cargo area.

63-year-old Mark Doyle was charged with a misdemeanor for marijuana possession and a felony for intent to manufacture or deliver. Doyle was denied bail and is due in court Thursday. [WTAE-TV]

The point of getting away with something is to NOT draw attention to yourself!

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