Truth be told...a stripper probably ISN'T the best role model. This is 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, January 30th.

Freiburg, Germany- Thieves made off with nearly $500,000 worth of chocolate.

Dark chocolate bars stack
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Police say two truck trailers loaded with 48.5 tons of chocolate were stolen from an industrial park Friday night.

One truck was found the next day with the sweets still inside, but the suspect had fled. The second truck was tracked down near the German-French border, but most of the chocolate--along with the driver--was missing.

In all, the trucks were hauling about $496,000 of chocolate. Officers are still looking for the suspects. [Time]

Valentine's Day is coming up might want to hop to it.

Anderson, IN- Police are investigating a robbery at a gun store.


Surveillance cameras showed two suspects stealing weapons from the gun shop January 22nd. Police say the suspects smashed their vehicle into a wall of the building to create a hole to enter through.

18-year-old Javonte Johnson was arrested in connection with the burglary last week. He claimed he was innocent, BUT added that whoever pulled of the heist did it the "smart" way, because the alarm wouldn't go off unless the store's windows were broken.

Johnson is being held on charges of burglary, possession of a firearm without a license and receiving stolen property. [WRTV - Indianapolis]

This guy knows an awful lot of information for someone who TOTALLY didn't do it...

New York, NY- A man is suing a strip club after a dancer knocked out one of his teeth.

Dancer in a red light

David Kupferstein was a patron at the Hustler Club back in 2015. He claims a dancer was talking to him about her children and how they were getting into trouble with the police. He made a flippant remark about the woman being a bad mother, so she slammed a glass into his mouth and broke his left front tooth.

After being escorted out of the club, bouncers found Kupferstein's tooth and returned it to him outside.

Kupferstein claims the manager promised to pay for his dental bills, but backed out of that deal. Now he's filed a lawsuit seeking $1 million in damages. [NBC 4 - New York]

$1 million to fix ONE tooth? I can barely get a coupon for a free pizza.

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