There's never a GOOD way to find out you're being cheated on, but this is definitely one of the worst ways. Here's "Crappy News" for Friday, October 5th.

Moose Pass, AK- A hunter was seriously injured after a bear fell on him.

Grizzly Bear

28-year-old William McCormick and 19-year-old Zachery Tennyson were hunting in the area on Saturday and shot a bear above them on a ridge.

The bear tumbled down the slope, dislodging rocks in the process. The animal kept rolling and eventually landed on McCormick, who was also struck by falling rock.

McCormick was airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. [Anchorage Daily News]

How would you not see a bear hurtling towards you after you shot it? Pretty hard to feel sorry for this guy.

Houston, TX- I've heard of donating your body to science...but this is a BIT extreme.

The beautiful woman taking off her old looking mask

A new exhibit at McGovern Museum of Health and Medical Science lets you WEAR ANOTHER PERSON. The display is part of a project called "Body as a Work of Art." The exhibit features realistic skin suits with details including surgical scars, stretch marks, hair and even freckles.

The museum's website states "Each Bodysuit is a work of art as well as a functional tool for mediation on identity, empathy and locating the Self." It's also CREEPY AF. [UPI]

This is something straight out of a horror movie. No thanks.

Barranquilla, Colombia- A cheating wife was busted by an Uber driver...who happened to be her husband.


The woman and her lover arranged a meeting for some "alone time" and requested an Uber to take them to a motel. They didn't recognize the driver so they walked together to the car.

However, her husband had borrowed a friend’s car and Uber account to make some money that evening, and managed to pick up his wife and her boytoy--against all odds.

She's CLEARLY in the wrong, but as it turns out, so was her husband. By using his friend’s Uber account, he and the actual driver are at risk of being permanently banned from driving for the service. [Metro]

So, he finds out his wife has a side piece AND he can't make any money on the side? Harsh.

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