I've heard of pills having "sexual side effects" before. But this? Here's "Crappy News" for Thursday, April 19th.

Collier County, FL- A python led researchers to a snake sex party.


A Burmese python nicknamed "Argo" led biologists to a 15-foot-long, 115-pound female python who was surrounded by six male suitors. Known scientifically as a "breeding aggregation"--though "snake sex party" sounds more fun--the discovery was made on Valentine's Day (appropriately enough) and is the largest of its kind known in Southwest Florida.

The snakes are an invasive species not native to Florida, so conservationists are trying to find ways to limit breeding and control the population. [Sun-Sentinel]

Vancouver, Canada- A couple ambushed a man who was trying to hook up with their underage daughter.

Man with hands bound

The mother claims she asked police to investigate the man six weeks ago, when she discovered explicit messages sent to her 13-year-old daughter’s Instagram account. Authorities told her to block the account, but the family took matters into their own hands.

In a video posted to Facebook Live the couple can be seen attacking the 28-year-old man and restraining him with plastic zipties. Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived at the home last Thursday and took the man to the hospital--he was NOT arrested.

Officers say the parents may now be charged with forcible confinement and assault causing bodily harm. [CTV News]

I get why the police did what they did, but I also get why the parents did what THEY did. Wouldn't you try to protect your family, too?

Lincolnshire, U.K.- A man is claiming that taking painkillers turned him from straight to gay.

23-year-old Scott Purdy needed to dull the pain after breaking his foot in a go-kart accident.

Assorted pills

He was prescribed the drug Lyrica, an anti-anxiety medication which also treats nerve pain. Purdy claims that after a few weeks on the drug, he noticed that he stopped finding his girlfriend attractive and was wanting male attention.

Purdy had been with his then-girlfriend for about six months, and other than some curiosity when he was younger, was never interested in men. Purdy alleges that when he stopped taking the drugs for a few weeks, his desire for men went away. But he said he wants to keep taking it because it's made him feel open about his his sexuality. [Pink News]

I'm glad this guy is happy. But he's taking an ANTI-ANXIETY drug. It calms your nerves, so you can deal with things more easily. Sounds like a convenient excuse to break up with his girl.

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